Super Science Stories March 1940 Volume One Number One

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March 1940

Volume One - Number One

All Stories Complete - Rare Stories, Great Authors

Frank Belknap Long - James Blish - John Russell Fearn

Condition is Good - Intact, spine solid, some age wear overall, FC tear at mid-book


Inside Pages Good,

BC more wear than FC

Science Fiction Stories


3 Novelettes

"World Reborn" by Thornton Ayre

"Guyon 45X" by Dean D. O'Brian

Castor the mad dictator of Jupiter could be defeated by no ordinary man

"Trans-Plutonian Trap" by Ross Rocklynne

5 Short Stories

"The Lotus Machine" by Raymond Z. Gallun

"Phantom From Space" by John Russell Fearn

Space Death was horrible, but was it final?

"Gravity Island" by Harl Vincent

"Emergency Refueling" by James Blish

"A Stitch in Time" by Frank Belknap Long

A thrilling short story of the folds in time

Plus 4 Features

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