Super Tigre G90 engine with extras (made in Italy)

This Super Tigre G90 (MADE IN ITALY) has never been flown, only broken in on a bench with about 1/2 gal of fuel through it. it runs GREAT!! it comes with everything in the pictures, Original Box,manuals, stickers, original muffler, a PITTS style muffler and a .60 size engine mount.
feel free to ask questions, and .
Shipping to USA only
G90 Ring Sized like .60s, but engineered for extra power! 90-size power that fits in a .60-size frame!
New, 1-piece crankcase for added stability, strength and dependability
Common SuperTigre TST porting aids fuel economy front/rear bearings smooth running, extend life
New, bolt through muffler attaches to exhaust stack prevents stripped crankcase threads, aids positioning


Stock Number: SUPG0235Displacement: 0.90 cu in (14.7 cc) Practical RPM Range: 2,500-16,000 Output: 2.5 hp @ 14,800 rpm Weight w/o muffler: 20.7 oz (589 g) Weight with muffler: 27 oz (765 g) Includes: G-90 Carb, Silent Muffler .61-.90, Glow Plug Recommended Props: 12x8, 13x6
11003544 G-90 Ring Parts Listing