We have recently moved from a large house in Ann Arbor, Michigan to a much smaller house in London, England. Since our new house does not have room to display our large ethnographic art collection, many items are in storage in Ann Arbor. Most of this art (African and Himalayan) will be put on Ebay in the next several weeks. We have been collecting since the 1950s so that many pieces are at least 50 years old. They are all guaranteed to be authentic; some have been deaccessioned from major museums, others were purchased from leading galleries such as the HAMILL GALLERY OF AFRICAN ART in Boston. All of the starting prices are less than half of gallery prices-check it! T are only 10 pieces of this group left, 5 of which are in this sale

This fabulous Kuba Bwoon helmet mask from The Democratic Republic of Congo was, at one time, part of the African collection at the Faulconer Art Gallery of Grinnell, College in Iowa. It was deaccessioned sometime before 2001 which is when I purchased it from a dealer. The mask, with its characteristic bulbous forehead and decorated with beads, raffia, and cowrie shells, represents the legendary Kuba figure Bwoom. Bwoom is the half-brother of Woot, the royal founding father of the Kuba people. The mask is worn in a ritual reenactment of Kuba mythological origins and royal power struggles. Seeking
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