Superb Bronze Statue-Samson & Lion (Hercules/Sampson)

Fabulous Bronze of Samson and the lion from the long established and distinguished founder "Bronze Garanti" (I believe it to be "Paris", but is not very clear). This piece is from their "Antique Gallery", meaning it is a reproduction of an antique piece by the well respected founder. I have listed it as a vintage reproduction which it is, but I am uncertain of it's exact age. It is a gorgeous piece measuring a total of 21 inches high x 13 inches at it's widest point. The base itself is 2 stacked marble slabs, the bottom being 13 inches by 8-1/4 inches.

T are many portrayals of Samson fighting (rending/tearing the jaw of) a young lion. A most famous rendition is the very significant and symbolic Samson Fountain outside of St. Petersburg Russia, in the palace and garden series known as Peterhof. However, I believe that the bronze being offered , is a much more moving and dramatic piece in it's portrayal of strength and action, when viewing on the merits of the statues designs alone.

The identity of all bidders in this auction will be kept private for their protection.

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