Superb Dandelion Head Resin Paperweight -Makers Mark of Hafod Grange - Wales

Superb Dandelion Head Resin Paperweight - Flower Makers Mark Hafod Grange


Dandelion Head Resin Paperweight - unusual little flower motif signature at base. Tiny split mark about 2mm otherwise good.
So clever how the dandelion is preserved in this resin without being crushed in the process, quite amazing. Not the usual maker is seems as there is a small embedded flower in the base of the weight, which seems unusual - please let me know if you know whose makers mark this is. - My thanks to ebay ember modernafrican who sent me this information

"Made by Hafod Grange:- producing paperweights for over 30 years. Situated in the middle of Margam Forest, high in the mountains overlooking Swansea Bay in South Wales, Hafod Grange used to be the summer grazing area for stock kept by the Cistercian monks of the now ruined Margam Abbey. The paperweights are now produced in workshops sited in the 14th Century tithe barn which has been renovated by the company. Even today, the Grange is the home for grazing deer, horses and other small wildlife, with birds in abundance- first produced in 1968 by Barry Needham as a form of therapy for muscular dystrophy. One day a friend challenged him to encapsulate a "dandelion clock". Barry met this challenge head on and after numerous attempts
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