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I am thrilled to offer you a c 1800 (possibly late 1700's) rare and large pendant indeed! Stunning example of a rose gold Georgian period mourning brooch with color miniature portrait on ivory, 3-D details, woven hair both front and back!

The painting is an extremely well-executed miniature, with very fine detailing of a woman, making a flower wreath. She is seated next to a tombstone or "plinth", which is a 3 dimensional multi-piece artifact on top of which sits a 3-D flowerpot. The woman, on a back drop of blue sky and tree, are accented by 2 sheep or lambs, signifying innocence. The light, blond hair and lambs lead me to believe this was a mourning pendant for a child. The flowers of both the wreaths and on the tomb are done is pastel colors. The tombstone was decorated with fine gold braids and the tiniest pearls, which have found their way to the bottom of the pendant over the past 200+ yrs, and are secure t (see photo) The ivory painting is completely intact and set inside a rose gold band, separating it from the plaited ring of hair in the front of the pendant. You can note the ivory has shrunken ever so slightly under the band on the right side of the pendant, barely noticable
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