Superb Imperial German Hussar Officer's Attila


You are bidding on an original WWI era German Army hussar cavalry attila of Husaren-Regiment König Wilhelm I (1.Rheinisches) Nr.7. which was stationed at Bonn as part of the IX Armee Korps . This regiment's distinguishing colors were the "Russian blue" attila color (unique to them) with gilt buttons. The leiutenant rank shoulder straps both contain the royal cypher of Wilhelm I. All of the original rosette and twist style officer buttons are still present and the tunic overall is in excellent condition considering its age with only the occasional minor flaw to the fabric. This is an interim pattern attila the style of which were intended for field wear and hence they differ from the dress patten attila in that the frogging (decorative cord) was made from simpler, more durable materials rather than ornate bullion and also the frogging pattern at the lower rear area was done in a simpler pattern. SIZE: European military uniforms, especially from the WWI era tend to be on average smaller than their American counterparts. This is by far the largest European military uniform I've ever encountered. I wear men's x-large or a 40L jacket. I tried this attila on and it fits me as though it was perfectly tailored to do so making it a true anomaly as most European tunics I've had probably wouldn't fit a
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