I am very pleased to offer for your consideration this beautiful, antique, French, reliquary (1 1/2" by 2") containing 5 rare relics: St. Philomena, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Barbara. Wax seal and threads unbroken and all in place. This is one of the items from an important lot coming straight from a Southern French Monastery. The Sisters of this community were in charge of preparing and enshrining relics for the whole country. All items from this lot are of very high quality. © As per Ebay new rules, this item is allowed as it contains no human remains but objects of devotion. The relics contained are all second class cloth/vestment relics except first class hair relics or first class Passion relics of Our Lord such as wood from the True Cross, thorn from the Crown of Thorns etc. All these relics are allowed by Ebay rules. Also you are never bidding on the relic itself but on the container (frame, theca, reliquary, shrine, etc) the relic will remain as always a gift to the highest bidder.