Superb tenor/treble Lachenal Edeophone concertina

This is a lovely, restored example of Lachenal's top-of-the-range Edeophone model. It's a Tenor/Treble, which means it has those highly desirable eight extra buttons below the normal 48-key treble range, going down to C on the right hand.
It is, however, an Edeophone with a difference. Eagle-eyed cognoscenti may already have spotted that the thumb-straps are fitted with Wheatstone buckles. These appear to have been fitted from new. In addition, both reedpans are stamped "Wheatstone" on their inner faces, though the serial number (57942) is clearly Lachenal. And finally, it comes in a Wheatstone hard case.
It is possible that this is an instrument built by Wheatstone from bits left over when Lachenal closed in the 1930s. Or, of course, it may simply have been refurbished by Wheatstone. What I can tell you for sure is that it has been comprehensively restored, with new pads and valves, polished and re-bushed buttons, new phosphor-bronze springs, and new thumb-straps. The original 6-fold bellows are in excellent condition, supple and airtight, and the ends have been stripped, French polished and fitted with new felt bushes. The instrument has been tuned to concert pitch, and plays as you would expect of an Edeophone - light, responsive and loud.
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