SUPERB RARE VINTAGE c.1940 TELECHRON "PIGGLY WIGGLY" LITE-UP GROCERY CLOCK I've collected lite-up Telechron & Pam clocks for the last 40yrs & this is one of the neatest & rarest I've ever seen! The graphic advertising face is flawless without any sign of paint loss or "spidering" whatsoever! Notice the inkstamp at the bottom edge of the ad face telling you that this face is original & not one of the many repopped faces we see these days! The bubble glass outer lens is perfect & the bezel wrapping this convex glass to the case is also fine! The original composition case shows very minimal use as you can see from the "hanging hole" showing almost no wear whatsoever! The backside will need a couple of "bulb covers" as you can see but these are readily available to complete the backside! Mechanically this clock is working accurately & quietly & the face lites up properly from both sides! This clock still has it's original electrical cord & plug & has been in my collection since the early 1970's! Just an outstanding graphic clock that would have adorned the wall of your local "PIGGLY WIGGLY" grocery store in the 1940's! Would make a wonderful addition to any Pam, Telechron, Canadian neon-ray clock, Soda fountain, Diner, Ice cream parlour, Luncheonette, neon clock collection or simply to adorn the wall ... read more