Make your own chess sets with these unusual British mold Chess sets made in the UK by Supercast.

With care these molds can last many years.

Many pieces also make excellent characters for fantasy games .

They can either be painted in multicolors or left in natural colors (white) and pigmented (black).

Chess pieces can be cast in either plaster, cement or resin (casting material not included in price.)

This is a striking fantasy chess set.� Officially the King is the warrior abducting the maiden, but optionally the Bishop (seated, bearded oracle)� can be used as the King.� Queen is the eponymous Cobra Queen, Knight is a female warrior on a dragon, Rook is a screaming castle and Pawns are goblins.� The king is approx 170 mm (6.7") tall and a full set requires approx 7 kg of cement.

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