Superdoll Sybarite Innoqui Traveler

Lovely porcelain Superdoll Innoqui Traveler. Released in 2008, she was on display in my doll room for a little while, then put back in her box where she's been for several years. I had put her black shoes on her so there are some black marks on her feet from the shoes. She comes with all her accessories. She has some glue showing from her factory sueding. I have not tried to clean it as I do not want to damage her in any way. Her tattoos and makeup are perfect. Her suit has never been put on her, as she only wore the gingham undies and black shoes.
Please be advised that I do have dogs, although they are not allowed in my doll room, a Husky hair may float into the box. If you are allergic please be aware of this. I'm charging a flat shipping fee of $10. If actual shipping is less, you will be refunded. If actual shipping is more, then I will cover it.
Sorry, no international shipping. Thanks for looking.