Superior 6x Finder Scope for Celestron and Meade Astronomical Telescopes.

. .. .Superior quality 6x Finder Scope with coated optics.
This has been mounted on a Celestron 5SE, but it is unmarked and indistinguishable from new.
It's a dream to install and set-up on most high power telescopes (astronomical or terrestrial.)
The scope has cross-wires, which makes for easy and accurate alignment. Better in my view (that dreadful pun was intended, sorry) than the standard 'red dot finders' which are more commonly found on Astronomical 'scopes.
The mounting plate is industry standard spacing, so no necessity to drill fresh holes in your precious case; you simply remove the old, replacing same with this one.
In common with most finder scope instructions, simply select and focus on a distant object - in the daytime to ease set-up - put that object into the centre of the field of view, then, keeping the telescope locked in that position, next easily locate and focus on the same object with the finder scope. Using the two adjustments on the finder scope (which allow movement north/south and east/west) carefully bring the cross hairs over the object.
You can now search for whatever you wish to view (using the finder-scope) discovering much to your delight that it is then centrally located in the main telescope's field of view. VOILA!
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