Superior Quality Moon & Skyglow Neodymium Planetary Filter for Telescope, SALE!!

This sale is for one superior quality 1.25" Moon & Skyglow Neodymium Planetary Filter for telescopes.

The filter is a multi-band pass filter which transmits a high percentage of light in the visual spectrum. It will enhance contrast when observing brighter objects such as the moon and planets and in the same time will suppress sky glow from artificial lighting and background reflected glow. The filter has a mild effect of darkening the background of the night sky so that the fainter objects will be against the dark background, excellent for observing planets.

Just as similar filter by Baader, it effectively filters out selective wavelengths of low-pressure sodium and other man-made light sources typically used in street lighting. Although it is not a nebula filter, it enhances the views of deep-sky objects by increasing the contrast of these objects against the sky background. While nebula filters transmit only a few select wavelengths corresponding to various atomic lines, this filter transmits a large portion of the continuous spectrum while blocking a few select lines of the more common man-made light. This unique selective blocking feature will reduce glare without reducing important colour and brightness variations.

The filter will fit all standard sized 1.25" eyepieces and accessories such as
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