Superior Spider-Man #20 J Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant Unread

This is the beautiful 1:50 J. Scott Campbell Black Cat variant to Superior Spider-Man #20. I'm not a proffesional grader and my pictures show the true condition of the comic. It's a hot comic that you can get graded yourself. The spine is solid with no noticeable creases and the corners are sharp. The only minor defects in this comic are shown in the last 3 photos. There is some slight white on the black bottom of the back of the comic where the black may have been scuffed a little. There is a very small line/indent on the front of the spine just below the barcode. It shouldn't even affect a grading or it can be pressed out. Finally there is a printing error where there is a line of ink running under the "Rated T" area that is very light. Get this for your collection today!