SUPERMAN 1987 Complete: Man of Steel, Superman, Adv, Action, Annuals - 45 comics

After ceasing production of all Superman series, DC Comics gave Superman a clean new start in 1987. Talented writer/artist John Byrne guided the reboot of the Superman mythology through the limited series "Man of Steel" and then with the newly started Superman, Adventures of Superman, and Action Comics. Here is the first year complete:
Calendar Year 1987 The Man of Steel #1 Special Commemorative Edition The Man of Steel #1-6 Superman #1-12 2nd Series The Adventures of Superman #424-435 Action Comics #584-595 Superman Annual #1 2nd Series Adventures of Superman Annual #1 2nd Series Action Comics Annual #1 2nd Series
That's the 6-issue mini-series plus the special commemorative edition of issue 1, 36 regular monthly issues, plus 3 annuals.
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