Superman #224 Second Highest Grade!! No reserve!!

I have been a Superman collector for many years and now has come the time I have been dreading. It is time to part with my collection. I have experienced one of those life-changing events, (one of the not so pleasant ones), and the end result is that I am putting my entire collection up for sale. I am only a Superman collector so I don't have any other comics or memorabilia. However, I do have a lot of Superman collectibles. Going up for sale will be Action Comics, Superman comics, a Superman Pinball game, and Video game, statues, cardboard stand-ups and a lot more.

I am putting all of these items on sale with no reserve! 's the potential to get something very special for less than market value. Don't take a chance and let some of these things get away.

Superman #224!

Beware the Super-Genius Baby! Great story, with a beautiful orange cover by Curt Swan and Jack Abel. This issue also features a DC cover gallery rogue page. The great colours of this issue make it the second highest graded copy in the CGC census.

CGC Grade: 9.4

CGC Rank: 2nd Highest grade (9.6 is the highest)

CGC Serial Number: 0707997003

Date: 2/70

Off-white to white pages

This is one of the best deals you will find on ebay today, because this, and all my comics, are going to be listed
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