Artist Moyses Damasceno pencilled this sample page of Superman & Mystic from DC and Crossgen Comics respectively!

This original art, measuring approximately 12" x 17", is illustrated in pencils on art paper.

This page depicts Clark (Superman) Kent , whose quiet dinner with his wife, Lois Lane Kent , in the city of Metropolis is halted by an incandescent light from the street below. The couple rush to the window, shocked at what they see below..a giantic magical construct of the Cyborg Superman! It's plain that this is a job for the Man of Steel! The sudden panic is unshared to one visitor to the City of Tomorrow-- Mystic Giselle from Ciress, enjoying a vacation with her furry companion, Skitter !

NOTE: T is some wear and creasing on all corners of the page. T are also visible blue pencils used to rough in the artwork originally (this is more visible in real life than on the scan). Please keep this in mind when bidding!

Serious bidders may request a larger scan.