Supernatural First blade, Cains demon blade

Hey supernatural fans!!! Heres the latest demon killing blade. Below is a brief history about the characters thanks to Wikipedia Supernatural Cain....

From Supernatural Wikipedia

"Abel wasn't talking to God. He was talking to Lucifer. Lucifer was gonna make my brother into his pet, I couldn't bear to watch him be corrupted, so I offered a deal — Abel's soul in Heaven for my soul in Hell. Lucifer accepted... as long as I was the one who sent Abel to Heaven. So, I killed him. Became a soldier of Hell — a knight."—Cain

Cain is the brother of Abel and a retired demon known as the Father of Murder who used to train the Knights of Hell. He and his brother are also the direct ancestors to Sam and Dean.

Cain was the first born son of Adam and Eve, the first human born, and the older brother of Abel. Although it was originally and commonly thought that Cain was jealous of his brother Abel, and killed him out of rage and contempt, Cain later revealed that Abel was in fact talking to Lucifer, not God as formerly thought. In an effort to protect his brother from corruption, Cain offered Lucifer a deal. Cain offered himself to Lucifer so that Abel would go to Heaven instead. Lucifer agreed, on the condition that Cain himself would send his brother to Heaven. Thus, Abel was struck down by Cain using the First Blade,
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