SuperNOVA System MAS JAMMA PCB Home Arcade Supergun

This is a MAS (multi arcade system) superNOVA Supergun. I bought this system a little less than a year ago. The system has been rarely used and has been in storage for some time. The system is in flawless condition with tight controls and no physical blemishes. I have used the sytem with JAMMA compatible boards, non-JAMMA PCB boards via specific adapters and NEO GEO one-slot MOBOs (see pic). The system is highly versatile and has proved to work with every board I bought including really old PCB boards. The system has RGB, S-Video, and Composite Video out. The system comes with the main unit, two controllers, all necessary cables and instructions. Hooked to a large screen television, this makes an awesome entertainment system.

Note: This system does not come with any PCB/JAMMA boards or the ONE-SLOT NEO GEO MOBO. However, I am selling these items in separate auctions along with necessary adapters. Check my auctions. Questions?

Shipping: Whatever it costs to ship it to you. Not one penny more.