Supersuckers Maximize Your Kill Count Handwriten Lyrics

So the story is the Redskins were playing the Seahawks and the Redskins won. Had they lost I would've owed Eddie Spaghetti but because they won this is what I asked for as my winnings! Yep true story! It breaks my heart to sell it but it even hurts more to have these mounting ongoing never ending non stop keep it growing keep it coming more and more and more bills a mounting.... I mean wow we've got some bills to pay so goes. Bid High! I hope t's 2 people out t with tons of money who want this and they can bid until the bitter end - it's the only one of it's kind and the lyrics are on the back of the Paid poster. See the attached photo's - enjoy! Please see our other auctions and please pre-order the new release from the site or any site. thanks