Probably the best `potted` rabbit production ever.

Edwin first described the original idea for this effect in his lecture for the Order of the Magi (Manchester) in 1984.

As soon as it went into production, demand exceeded supply.

There are so many painting routines a Children`s Magician/Entertainer could use with this effect/production, it is only limited by your own imagination.

The black & white house is shown empty, and placed in the tube, the rainbow tube is shown empty, after all the fun of your selected painting routine with the help of the audience and/or birthday child, the tube is lifted to show a BEAUTIFUL COLOURED HOUSE ......but that is not all.....when the coloured house raised....there is your RABBIT .

Note: If you do not use livestock, other items can be produced.

This is one of those effects which is a great children`s item because it has COLOUR , SURPRISE , & THE PRODUCTION OF LIVESTOCK AT THE END . Not forgetting it is also a first rate item for adult performances too.

Supreme Rainbow House is complete and includes Supreme Magic Company original four (4) page instructions full of ideas & routines. (supply your own rabbit)!

With packaging the item weighs 6 kilo.

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