Supreme Vaporizer

Limited Edition!!!!!

Supreme Vaporizer (tm)

The smallest/most powerful highest quality vaporizer in the world

(Vaporizer size: 4" x 2" x 1.5")

* 3 times more efficient than burning

* High power output

* Highly accurate digital thermometer (± 2°F max error)

* No lingering smoke

* No resin build up

Vaporizers do not combust and destroy sensitive/active ingredients that produce aroma. You avoid inhaling carbon monoxide, tar, and hundreds of other unhealthy chemicals produced by combustion.

Simply warm the heat exchanger (the metal...not the wood) to the desired temperature with the provided torch. For a limited time, receive a FREE complimentary torch that can produce a powerful flame 1.5 to 2 inches long ! ! ! (with proper butane). It only takes 2 minutes for this vaporizer to warm up (less than half the time of conventional vaporizers).


Typical vaporizers channel air through a distance of 2 INCHES through their heat exchanger (using poor heat conductive materials and nothing to agitate the air). Remember that "air" is a perfect insulator and that billions of air molecules pass the heating exchanger in a matter of seconds. The Supreme Vaporizer

The heat exchanger is designed to contain massive amounts of heat (that's why soo much fire power is needed to start this vaporizer). These two properties, combined with 89 heat transferring structures (highly heat conductive used to agitate/mix the air) can be found in our heat exchanger. They consistently heat ALL air molecules to the same temperature as the heat exchanger.

Most vaporizers have about 2-3 square inches of usable heat exchanging surface area to conduct heat onto the herbal chamber (that's nothing). We pack in 28 square inches of usable surface area inside our patented heat exchanger using all the methods described in the above paragraphs. The heat exchanger efficiency, in regards to surface area, is comparable to the amount of grip a large tire would have on the ground compared to the grip a thin tire would have on the ground (more surface area = more contact = more power exchange).

Heat control is another extremely important aspect of vaporization. All of this heat is displayed by a very accurate digital thermometer (±2°F maximum error). The digital thermometer sensor is in direct contact with the heat exchanger for precise readings. The thermometer comes equipped with a green backlight to make readings more visible in low light surroundings. You'll never have to worry about remembering to turn off this thermometer because it comes installed with an automatic 10 minute shut-off timer.

Just like your tobacco, the thermometer battery will last a very............very long time.

This vaporizer also comes with a 2 foot "whip" style mouth piece. The whip effectively cools the vapors so you can inhale a lavishly cool mist of aroma. Every one is amazed to see that the tube ("whip" mouth piece) stays completely clear even when t are dense vapors moving inside. At normal operating temperatures, you will never see smoke (or anything) inside the clear tube because only pure vapors are produced. The taste is very thick and delicious.

The Supreme Vaporizer was originally designed to work very well without an attachable mouthpiece. Even without the mouth piece, the Supreme Vaporizer will not burn your throat like other vaporizers. Imagine how much cooler the vapors will be when the 2 foot whip is used.

After three years of research/development and seven major design changes, the Supreme Vaporizer has evolved to be the smallest/most powerful highest quality vaporizer in the world.

Three things you will PERMANENTLY remember after using the Supreme Vaporizer

1) Your tobacco will last three times longer...

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