Sure-Fire #2 - One of the Rarest comics, period! 1940 CBCS

Sure-Fire #2 - One of the Rarest comics, period! 1940

Will you ever see this comic again? One two CGC copies - 2.0 & 3.0!
High grade DOES NOT EXIST!

If you're into scarcity, you know how there are some books that
just NEVER come up for sale. Sure-Fire #2 certainly falls in that category.
Even having an "affordable" copy like this is a miracle.

Keep in mind:

TWO copies on the CGC census - only 2.0 and 3.0! Nothing higher! ONE copy sold by Heritage - and that was in 2002! (although a second copy
was later part of a set - and it pushed the price of the lot way up!) A friend actively searched for this comic for over 20 years (I'm not making that up). NO copies on eBay, ComicLink, ComicConnect, etc.

Feel free to make an offer. I'm not sure what "market value" for this baby would be,
so am open. But it is super cool to have, so don't offer me 20 bucks.