Rare Surf-Lung Scuba Tank Toy Early 1960s MIB !!

Manufactured by E. Joseph Cossman & Co., Hollywood 46,


Early 1960s.

US Divers Co. made a version as well, but I’m assuming this is the earlier version (Cossman possibly sold out to US Divers).

The Surf Lung was a toy that allowed a child to swim on the surface only while breathing through a double hose snorkel. This is a really cool toy!

This example appears to never have been used. The rubber hoses are still crisp and although there is some dust (did not clean), overall, it is in beautiful shape.

Box is still crisp and pretty clean and considering it is 50 years old, it is in great shape with no cardboard missing.

Box Dimensions 21.5" x 8" x 7"

The graphics on the box make this toy a home run:

“Sand ballast can be poured in bottom of tank, Strap on back shoulder height, Can be used in the water, or in play yard”

I can’t imagine they made too many of these before they were pulled for safety reasons. I think this is a pretty rare toy – especially in this condition.

Amazing, Humorous Piece to Own!!!