Surface Supplied Diving Air Hose-150 foot Gates 3/8

You are bidding on a Diver’s Air Hose made by Gates. This type of hose, 33 HB is “The” standard of commercial diving. This type of air hose is used by the Navy and commercial diving industry for diving to a depth of 10 feet on air or 1000 feet on helium-oxygen mixtures. The Hose has a 3/8” internal diameter and a nominal outside diameter of ¾” .

This particular hose, which measures about 150 feet in length and has swaged on 9/16 oxygen fittings. As can be seen in the picture there is a nipple converting that to ¼” NPT.

This hose is in very good condition as there are no abrasions or other defects that I am aware off. There are numerous (about every 3 feet) remains of the tape adhesive that bundled the hose with a strength member, a 4 conductor communication cable, a two conductor power cable, and an 1/8” nylon pneumofathometer hose. This is the hose shown in the surface supplied tutorial at www.scubed.US .

I bought this hose, which was attached to a second piece that is 50 feet long, in 1990. Over a four year period I put about 300 hours on it. While not in use it was stored in a dry dark storage locker or was wound on a large rack as part of a land mobile unit that I built. It was never left in the sun while not in use or used in salt water. I last used this hose in 2006.

Gates hose weighs about
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