SURREAL FLOATING WORLD, Venice: Old Print of an artwork by Richard Shirley Smith

Old Print

' Death In Venice '
( Surreal Collage, c1976, detail )
Richard Shirley Smith
(b 1935)

From an edition of book-prints of his classic illustrations,
nearly 30 years old

As per picture
(VG/EX for age)
(NB: Classic trimmed book plates / illustrations on paper,
may have printed matter on the reverse, and/or narrow margins)

Size of image approx:
7 x 9.6 inches
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NB: A print OF an artwork, thus a lithograph or
other printed reproduction and not an original!
Also, 'book plates / illustrations are from old books,
(and, as we say, may have text/print on the reverse;
this may show through, depending on the print and paper).
Many people buy these to frame and are very happy with them!
(Our other original woodblock / woodcut prints are always decribed as such).
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