Matching cloth vols for Druzstevni prace Stefan Zweig series1930´s, superb designs by Sutnar on yellow pure avant-garde, this bit is for all four books. Excellent condition.

Dear Ebayers, in my last Ebay Auctions, I have now listed some of my rarest Czech Avant-Garde stock including some of the rarest Avantgarde in the world like Pasmo, ReD, Zijeme and the very important 1st edition of RUR which was in Christies auction in 2005 at over 15,000USD, all of the items are very rare Original editions from 1918-1939, to see them all To get an idea of current values please check specialist websites like & , it is particularly useful to look in their Catalogue section at 'Karel Teige' where you can see Pasmo etc at 1000's of Euros, I have offered them at No Reserve. Good Luck to all bidders!

Notes; new sale of Rare Czech Avant-Garde Design, all the items are Original and many are reproduced in the important Reference works about Karel Teige, Ladislav Sutnar and in books about Czech Avant-Garde by Jindrich Toman and Zdenek Primus. Please look at the photos for condition. In the future I will offer more rare avantgarde books & magazines with design by important Czech designers like Karel Teige, Ladislav Sutnar, Zdenek Rossmann and Karel Jilek. The values of the items is often very high, I have decided to offer everything

Please email me any questions – Regards, Romana.

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Here is a list of very good books about the Czech Avant-Garde books;

Tschechische Avant Garde 1922-1940 - Zdenek Primus (A Revised Edition in planned for 2011)
Karel Teige a Typografie - Karel Srp Kant 2009
Photo Montage In Print - Jindrich Toman 2009
Drustevni Prace-Sutnar/Sudek 2007
P-NY (Prague To New York/Design In Action) UPM (Ladislav Sutnar-Essential work)
Karel Teige 1900-1951, MIT Press
Teige & Photomontage
Czech Cubism & The Book - Jindrich Toman
Capek – Jindrich Toman
Prague 1900-1938 Dijon,Musee des Beaux-Arts 1997
Prokop Toman (3-Vols)
Novy Encyklopedie Ceskeho Vytvarneho Umeni (Academia, 2-Vols, A-M & N-Z, 3rd Vol 'Dodatky' pub.later, listing 1000's of additional artists))
Aventina Mansard (a rare book about Aventinum, many illustrations, very useful cataloguing Aventinum publications & design eg Capek, Masek, Muzika, Zrzavy)
Novy Encyklopedie Ceskych a Slovenskych Fotografu (Asco)
Avant-Garde Across Media - Jaroslav Andel
Modernism (Victoria & Albert Museum)
Emanuel Frinta in Revolver Revue No.36 by David Chaloupka
Malirske Signatury - Vaclav Rytir
Letra Y Fotografia en la Vanguardia checa (Campgrafic, Valencia 2006)
Foto- Modernity in Central Europe 1918-1945 - Witkovsky
Soupis Knizniho Dila Toyen - Bydzovska & Srp 2003 (inc.list of all book designs by Toyen by Ladman)
Odeon, 15 Let Krasny Knihy (Praha 1967)
Capek -Thiele (1958, list of his book covers)
The Cape...
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