Suture Ammonite Ammolite Opal Fossil Crystal Gem

Fossil: Madagascar Ammonite (Ammolite)

Mineral: Opal

Pattern: Suture and Iridescent

Origin: Madagascar

Weight: 132.15 carats, 26.41 grams

Size: 47mm x 37cm x 15cm approx.

This is an extremely high quality Opalized Ammonite from Madagascar. It is SWEET! It is very smooth, VERY GEMMY and in nearly-flawless condition. The piece has various different colors. As far as ammonites go, this is a really quality high grade piece.

This piece comes from the Cretaceous period, which was the second period of the dinosaurs. These were very plentiful sea creatures during that time, although they went extinct along with the dinosaurs.

The pictures were taken underneath a bright light to show the illumination. They have not been altered in any way.

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