A rare Swansea Pottery Plate, Dillwyn & co.Swansea. c.1824-1831.nr.

Good rare period piece in fair as seen condition , without chips or restoration , it does have a crack...see photos ....Size ..10 inches diameter .

Washer Women Plate
Theme : Industry
This earthenware plate was made at the Cambrian Pottery in Swansea, c.1824-1831, the period marked by the return of Lewis Weston Dillwyn to the Pottery. This circular plate, with an eight-lobed edge, is transfer-printed in underglaze black with a scene known as 'The Washer Women', probably by Elijah Brindley. This design is unique to Swansea Ware and it is likely that the scene portrays some local pursuit in the preparation of Welsh wool or tweed. The plate is impressed 'Dillwyn & Co., Swansea'. E.Morton Nance describes how, "Above all things Dillwyn concentrated on the manufacture of really first-class transfer-printed earthenware, for which evidently a large demand existed. In many respects the transfer-printed patterns of this period are the finest and most interesting ever produced at Swansea. Unfortunately the names of the engravers of the copper-plates remain unknown, but in all probability many of them were local craftsmen, for most of the designs are distinctly original and unlike those produced by any Staffordshire or other Pottery, as, for instance, the design of two women with baskets." ( The Pottery and Porcelain of Swansea

Similar Item is located at Swansea Museum in the China Gallery.

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