Swarovski Crystal Ltd. Edition Sapphire Marquis Prism Ornament Suncatcher 38mm

P6.0Swarovski Blue Marquise
Limited Edition Prism

Gift boxed with Priority shipping Only, First Class shipped in Organza bag in padded envelope.

This gorgeous prism is 38mm, 1-1/2 inches long. It is light sapphire blue in color. Swarovski made just so many of these prisms as a limited edition collectible. This unique ornament has the Swarovski logo and is optically pure. It refracts rainbows just as all the other prisms do, I held it to the light because I was curious if the rainbows were the same colors and it refracted all the colors just with a little more hint of blue overtones. this marquise suncatcher almost looks like a large gem it is so eye catching. Your prism will come boxed with a bow as shown (Priority mail only).

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