Swarovski Rhino Rhinoceros Crystal NIB 622941 ret$65

Swarovski RETIRED and INCREDIBLE Crystal Rhinoceros

Item is Brand New and Comes in Box with COA

Item 622941

Grab this gorgeous retired piece while you still can!!!

Swarovski collectible crystals can be anything that one can imagine simply because the range of Swarovski crystals is as vast as it is old.

These crystals are now more than one hundred years old. However, their fame shot into the limelight somew in 1976 when the Swarovski launched a new line of crystals, i.e. that of animal figurines. In no time, t were millions of people all over the world competing in collecting these wonderful masterpieces. The collectors �movement� became so popular that in 1987 some half a million such collectors spanning from more than 30 countries, got together and formed the Swarovski Collectors Society.

This society later brought the collectible crystals to a different class altogether. In commemoration of its formation, it brings out limited (maximum 10,000 pieces worldwide) collectible crystal animal items every three years. This tradition started in 1995 and continues to date. As such, you will have the eagle miniature launched in 1995, the peacock miniature in 1998, the wild horse in 2001 and the bulls in 2004.

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