Swatch watch ladies "Oongawah" GK193 1995 good conditio

I am selling my collection of Swatch watches and brochures collected over 5 years or so.

This is is "Oongawah" - tarzan!! Spring/Summer 1995 collection GK193. I dearly loved this design and the strap is slightly worn on the surface only as I wore it a few times, purely because the suede leopard pattern shows slight wear on the print. The cream backing of the strap is slightly darker in places where it has been on my wrist. I prefer to say as I an fanatical about the condition of my watches. Apart from this , it is in the usual excellent condition of all my watches. Complete with original instructions and case. It does need a new battery. I cannot guarantee my watches as I am not a dealer.

It is very important that you take the watch to a Swatch dealer to have a new battery put in. Swatch only use Reneta batteries and there are several different types.

I only accept paypal and appreciate payment within 24 hours to post out the next day