New Swatch Watch in Rise Up Light Blue GS138 Swiss NIB

Fun, New Unisex Swatch Watch in Rise Up Light Blue

Item is Brand New and Comes in Original Box.

Item GS138

Grab this amazing watch while you still can!!!

Swatch is a brand name for a line of wrist watches from the Swatch Group , a Swiss conglomerate with vertical control of the production of Swiss watches and related products. In 1982, Swatch was conceived and it was introduced to the market in Switzerland in March 1983.

The watches have always been water-resistant, shockproof, available in range of bright colours and were originally developed as an affordable, low-priced, and expendable product. Collectors viewed them differently and with two new collections a year to choose, great colours, unique designs and ever increaing inventiveness, it is not surprising that the Swatch watch became collectible early in its life.

Over 2000 models have now been designed, so collectors have a wide variety of themes and styles to specialise in. Early models and limited editions can reach substantial prices at auction.

'The Swatch Collectors of Swatch Club' was formed in 1990. Initially based in Switzerland, it soon expanded to other countries. By the end of the first year the club had over 20,000 members.

The club name changed in 1996 to 'Swatch the Club' and continues to grow.
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