SWEDEN ~ 1915 Currency Postcard

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I advise to pay Registered shipping. Otherwise the delays and the losses wil be not our responsability.
If you bought more than one item send shipping charges once.
I accept cashier`s checks; personal checks or PAYPAL (also money orders but from the US only).
I prefer checks because if your payment doesn`t arrive safely you can cancel the payment quickly.
If you send payment remember to send it in a dark cover to hide It.
* If you have not sent your payment for previous items yet please do it to the address below
Alejandro Muszak
Miami Commercial Center
8307 NW 68th Street Suite 4780
Miami; Florida 33166-2654
USA I accept PAYPAL to my address you can send a check draw on a US Bank or INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER (DO NOT send me Canadian Postal Money Orders; I don't accept them). I accept payment (VERY WELL PACKED AND ONLY BY REGISTERED MAIL) to my address in Miami and you may also use BIDPAY too to send payments in secure way.