Swedish Army Trangia Stove & Stainless Steel Mess Kit

This is a genuine Swedish Army individual soldier's cooking set. This is probably the most versatile mess kit ever developed. The mess kit consists of a stainless steel frying pan/plate and a stainless steel cooking pot, which can either be used with the Trangia stove or directly over a fire. The folding handle of the frying pan/plate has two folding steel loops which allow the user to slide a stick or bayonet through them to increase the length of the handle. The pan can also be used as a coffee or soup cup. The pot has a steel bail with a large hook to hang it over a fire if the stove is not used. The Trangia stove consists of an aluminum body with folding internal legs which can be used with the pot or the pan. A brass alcohol burner fits inside the stove and can provide heat even at very high altitudes and cold climates (which is why Trangia stoves are carried in many mountain climbers' packs). A plastic bottle to carry alcohol completes the set. The burner and fuel bottle nest inside the pot, the pan closes over the pot and the closed mess kit nests inside the stove. The Trangia Stove and burner are marked HP 82. The stove is used and has a few dents but is in overall very good to excellent condition. The burner appears to be in near mint condition. The mess kit is in excellent to near mint condition and is marked 5116 Cr and ... read more