Swedish Hunter Damascus Steel Knife Blade Blank Billet

Welcome To The World's Leader In Finished Damascus Steel Knife Blades , Two Finger Knife LLC This blade is 5/32 inches thick
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With over 40 years experience as a custom Knife Maker, are some reasons why you should buy your blades and supplies from Two Finger Knife LLC. 1. We forge our own Damascus Steel right in the USA from 1095 and 15N20 (1075 with 2% nickel). No off shore, tin can lid and mild steel junk blades come from our shops! 2. After forging, all blades are normalized, profiled, annealed, surface ground, bevel ground, polished, heat treated to RC 56-57, buffed, etched, final buffed, sharpened, cleaned, oiled, and inspected at least 4 times along the way before being shipped to our customers. 3. We grind blades from 1/2" to 40" long. Our blades are Mar Quenced in our state-of-the-art heat-treating systems for 20% greater toughneww and superior edge holding. The tangs are usually mild steel. 4. We make knife blades, sword blades, tomahawks, throwing knives, throwing stars, arrowheads, surface ground bar stock, custom blades for knife makers around the world, blades and bar stock for some of the largest cutlery companies
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