Swedish White Painted Dala Horse 2

This wonderful Dala horse measures 2", and is a glossy white.� � It's hand-carved and painted in Nusnas, Sweden, one of the few places left that make these, by Grannas A. Olsson.�

Did you know that, today,� at least 9 people are involved in the making of one horse?� �

The Dala horse can be traced back to Swedish lumberjack cabins as early as the 17th century.� The earliest historical reference to Dala horses is 1624.� The lumberjacks would relax by carving figures from odd pieces of wood.� The popular choice was a horse.� These were taken home to the children of the villages, w they became much-treasured toys. � These wooden horses originally came from the Mora villages of Vattnas, Rise, Bergkarias, and Nusnas.� The horse represented a creature of great value, a tower of strength in helping the family.� A faithful friend who drew loads through the forest in the winter, worked in the fields and meadows in spring and summer, and carried equipment up to the delightful summer pastures and adjoining chalets.� It also provided transportation between villages and parishes, and and trips to the mill and market.� Children really enjoyed their company - they could ride bareback, and many children at a time could ride the broad, strong back at the same time.� During the 19th century, it becamse the custom to paint the wooden
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