SWEET 16" Berenguer toddler w/shy face, pig tails, tutu

SWEET 16" Berenguer toddler w/shy face, pig tails, tutu

Up for auction is this truly darling chubby, Berenguer all vinyl 16" toddler doll. On the back of her neck there is an imprint of 28-05. This HTF doll would be used for play or reborning. She is in excellent condition, with lovely skin coloring, golden pig tails, sweet shy face, and beautiful side- glancing eyes. and the scent of baby powder. She can stand on her own chubby legs or sit down on her bottom. She has pink stripped panties, white tights, leotard and tutu. I have never seen this doll in stores

1. Approx 13" chubby vinyl Berenguer doll with darling sucky lip face. There is a mark on the foot which I have shown in photo and typical berenguer vinyl yellowing, especially on the face. I don't know how to fix the discoloring but I have found many answers online. Don't forget to use the Oxy 10 and sunshine on the foot.

2. Approx 13" truly sweet African American chubby Berenguer doll with brown eyes and small open mouth. There are marks on the dolls back as shown in photo. I've used Oxy 10 and sunshine to 'erase' marks like this on several dolls but I am not making any guarantees but she is so cute.

I am looking to downsize on my dolls and doll clothes because I have no room or time to reborn them. Take a look at my other auctions
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