NEW! Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer XL 13.5 oz

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer comes in an XL 13.5 oz jars. Each jar sells for $49.95 or higher in stores. You can't find a better deal anywhere for this great product to help you lose weight and get the best out of your workout.
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Decription Most active people have known the frustration of working out but not getting the results they're after. Some areas are just slow to respond to exercise (the upper thighs and hips for women, around the stomach for men.) These are "problem areas" for almost everyone and what they have in common is a lack of circulation. Sweet Sweat is specifically designed to increase circulation to areas where applied allowing you to get maximum results from your workout.
Sweet Sweat may be used as often as you like, preferably with every workout. There are no harmful side effects from use. Sweet Sweat also has a clean, fresh scent which will take away the fear of feeling offensive during and after a heavy workout.
Sweet Sweat greatly Accelerates and Stimulates the Thermogenic Effect (Burning Calories) during your workout Helps balance out problem areas during your Workout, Increasing Head Production (Circulation) to insulating Fatty Tissue and Injured Areas Substantially improves circulation and sweating, and like all energy consuming
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