SWEET SYBIL - Sweet Sybil CD

In September of 1988 founding members, guitarist Michael Parker and vocalist Sam Carava, recruited bassist Jimmi Nolan and brother Shawn Nolan on drums, for their new project entitled Fontalis. Within’ a month the newly formed band had written over 10 songs, including ''#69'' and ''Sweet Sybil,'' both of which would prove to be significant and prophetic to their future.As a favor to a local promoter, the group entered a Battle of the Bands contest. The announcer was given a set list and mistakenly announced the band as Sweet Sybil, the first song on the list. The band won and the erroneous name change stuck. They used their prize, 12 hours of studio time at DKP Studios in Chicago, to record their first four-song demo with Producer & Engineer Bob Pucci. The demo hit the airwaves of local radio and was met with instant popularity, receiving massive call-in support from a large and growing legion of devout fans hooked on the raw, fun & sleazy rock these dirty boys were serving up in the midst of all the primped and pretty acts of their day.While the demo continued to spin on the Chicago airwaves, Sweet Sybil took their new found notoriety on the road and began playing shows all over the Midwest. Back home, they became the first rock band ever to play at the Gateway Theater and were voted ''Best New Band'' by readers of The Chicago ... read more