SWITZERLAND Lot 1 Scott Int'l Part I 40 Stamps Catalog $90+

The last two pages of Switzerland from a Scott International Part I collection (1840-1940). There are 40 stamps in mint and used condition. The 2013 Scott catalog value totaled $93.00.

General notes on country pages:

I have decided to break apart a Scott International collection and offer the pages by country or group of countries depending on the number of stamps and how the pages were printed. The overall quality of this collection is very good. The stamps were purchased over a 60 year period from the late 1930s to the late 1990s. I try to keep the starting bid on lots at less than $25. This may mean breaking a country into several parts. Scott printed these album pages two sided. If the last page of a country is on the same page as the start of another country then the stamps may have to be removed. When this happens I will note it in the description. The scans show all of the stamps in a particular lot. These are the stamps you will receive. If a particular stamp exists in multiple printings, as is the case with many British Commonwealth stamps, I have used the lower catalog value. When there was a catalog note indicating numerous counterfeits, I considered them as such and valued them at twenty cents each. I have removed any stamps with obvious faults. However, please understand that no large collection is
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