I practiced law on Cape Cod for thirty-five years and received this sword along with a rifle and a wooden canteen as payment on a legal fee about forty years ago. It had a tag tied to it with a soldier's name and the words "used in the Battle of Little Big Horn".This tag fell off and got lost somewhere, I assume in the middle of moving, I do not recall the soldiers name.

What makes the item so unique is the fact that on the handle are seven notches. The gentleman I received it from told me at the time that he had been told that the notches represented kills--it would seem so although I have no other record other than the notched sword itself.

This sword has the words "Made By Ames mfg. Chicopee" imprinted on the handle which I would understand to be Chicopee, Mass. I also see what appears to be the number "1" . On the other side of the handle I see the following: "US JF" and I think I see the number "145" as well as some other numbers that are not legible to me.

I would consider this sword to be in very good shape although it is obvious that it is very old. The handle seems to be secure and not loose and as far as I can see has never been repaired. There is an old piece of leather strapping attached to the handle.The (brass?) braiding around the handle is tight. The sword is about 42" end to end, the blade
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