Swords & Wizardry RPG Mega-Deal!

This great game is a clone of the earliest editions of Dungeons & Dragons.
I'd hoped to start a campaign if it, but that seems to be a vain hope, so I'm clearing it out to make space for other games. All these books are in very good to mint conditions.
Specifically you're getting the following:
Swords & Wizardry Complete
GM Screen
Set of ten custom S&W dice
Tome of Horrors Complete (S&W version, of course)
Grimmsgate module
1974 Module
1974 Module (misprint -- collectors item)
S&W Coloring Album
Pad of graph paper (unused)
Pad of character sheets (unused)
Tome of Adventure Design
As a bonus, the following items!
Living Greyhawk gazetteer (with map)
Dungeons & Dragons gazetteer
Points of Light
Points of Light II: the Sunrise Sea
GM Gems
PC Pearls
And in case I forgot anything, everything you see in the photos is included in this auction.
This is nearly $500 worth of old school RPG goodness!
Get it while you can!

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