Syd Hoff Author Danny Dinosaur/Sammy Seal AUTOGRAPH Pix

is a very RARE 100% Authentic Autograph from Famed Children's Author SYD HOFF, who passed away several years ago. SYD HOFF, who was a noted cartoonist for the NEW YORKER and for PLAYBOY, wrote Children's Classic Books and illustrated them with his charming, cartoon-like drawings. They always reminded me of Jay Ward's Rocky and Bullwinkle style of animation. Thick lines around the edges and very bulbous looking people, with lots of curves. Hoff's most famous book titles include: DANNY AND THE DINOSAUR, SAMMY THE SEAL, OLIVER (The Elephant) JULIUS (The Gorilla) STANLEY (The Caveman) CHESTER (The Horse) GRIZZWOLD (The Bear) and many others. Hoff's books were first out in the late '50s (DANNY) and then into the early '60s and beyond for some of the later titles. He is a very talented artist and I hightly recommend his Award Winning Children's Books. This set of materials includes a letter that Hal Lifson, ad executive (at the time) wrote to Hoff personally, and Hoff wrote a brief note to Lifson and signed Lifson's letter and mailed it back to him from his home at the time, in Miami Beach. Letter is dated March 23, 1992. Hoff's autograph is very, very rare, as he did not do book signings for the most part and was fairly reclusive. But he was a super talent and his work lives on and on! I now have been introducing Hoff's Magical Books ... read more