Sydec Mixpander 5

Sydec Mixpander 5

Quick facts…

• PCI audio card with 5 DSP.

• Connects to a Soundscape DAW (Soundscape 32, Soundscape 16, R.Ed, SSHDR1-Plus) or Soundscape I/O unit (iBox 48-xx, iBox 64-xx) via the Expansion port.

• Adds a huge amount of extra DSP processing power for mixing, effects and processing.

• Includes 36 internal mixing busses.

• Adds up to 64 audio streams in each direction between the Soundscape Mixer and the host PC, so that audio from Windows applications can be routed to the Soundscape Mixer, Soundscape DAW or I/O units.

• Seamless integration of VST(i) plug-ins (VST native audio processing remains on PC).

• Ultra low latency WinXP/Win2K drivers with true multiclient support (ASIO2, MME, WDM, GSIF2, DWAVE).


Offering enough on-board processing power for the most ambitious mixer architectures and the tightest possible integration between Soundscape Digital Audio Workstations or I/O interface units and the PC native world, Mixpander is the key to ultimate creative freedom for Soundscape users.

The world beating reference in multi-DSP effects and processing cards, Mixpander includes 36 internal mixing busses and provides up to 64 channels of bidirectional audio streaming between the Soundscape DAW or I/O hardware and
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