Sydec Mixtreme 192

Sydec Mixtreme 192

The Mixtreme 192 is a 16-input/16-ouput half-length PCIcard with DSP, which comes with two backplates. The main backplate features a TDIF port and two RCA connectors for Master Clock input and output, while the other backplate carries another TDIF port and a 9-pin connector for MIDI, with ribbon cables for connection to the card itself.

Quick facts...

· PCI audio card with embedded DSP and 16 channels of digital I/O.

· Up to 16 input and 16 output audio streams simultaneously.

· Up to 16 audio streams in each direction between the Soundscape Mixer and the host PC.

· Ultra low latency WinXP/Win2K drivers with true multiclient support (ASIO-2, MME, WDM, GSIF).

· Completely configurable real-time mixer and patch bay.

· True zero-latency DSP based high quality plug-in support from Sydec Audio Engineering and third party developers.

· Seamless integration of VST & VSTi plug-ins (VST & VSTi native audio processing remains on PC).

· 16 channel TDIF I/O at up to 48KHz.

· 8 channel TDIF I/O at up to 96KHz.

· 4 channel TDIF I/O at up to 192KHz.

· Video sync input.

· WordClock input/output.

· 2 channel S/PDIF I/O at 48/96/192KHz (optional daughter board).

· Comprehensive range
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