8- Sylvania 6SN7GTB Tubes

8- Sylvania 6SN7GTB Tubes  Â
are 8- Sylvania 6SN7GTB Tubes. These are the short bottle tubes w/ off-set "T" plates and top getters. Some of the tubes have other labels but are all sylvania made.
I list their individual characteristics below:
Testing them with my Hickok 539B tester  w 3000 uMhos is new and 1640 uMhos is the minimum accepted good reading: they test at:
#1= 3200/2900 uMhosÂ
#2= 3000/2500 uMhosÂ
#3= 3400/3000 uMhosÂ
#4= 3100/2600 uMhos
#5= 3100/2800 uMhosÂ
#6= 2800/2600 uMhosÂ
#7= 3000/3000 uMhosÂ
#8= 2700/2600 uMhosÂ
I'm happy to combine shipping costs on multiple winnings.
Good Luck! Please take a look at my other tube auctions. Shipping to Asia is $12.00.
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