Sylvanian Families House And Primrose Baby Windmill Lots Of Accessories Bundle

Up for auction is this lovely willow house and Primrose Windmill and a lot of Accessories.
It has 1 Horse
It has 33 Assorted animals
That is 8 Mouses
That is 6 Rabbits
That is 4 dogs
That is 5 Ducks
That is 3 Beavers
That is 6 Teddies
That is 1 frog
It has 2 Pianos
It has 1 Toilets
It has 1 Shower curtain
It has 1 Shower
It has 1 bath
It has 1 hand Basin
It has 1 Three-piece
It has 1 cot that has a Mobile on it
It has 1 Playmat
It has 1 Fridge freezer
It has 1 Fire that lights up
It has 1 Telephone
It has 1 Table
It has 1 Cooker
It has 1 baby Train
It has 1 baby Pram
It has 1 baby's crib
It has 1 dog in a dogs Basket
It has 2 arm Chairs
It has 1 room Divider
It has pots pan plates, jugs cups
It has you Musical instruments
And a lot more Accessories far too many to mention.
This would make a lovely Christmas present.
These have all been played with but still has a lot more play in them.
Please note I will only post on a Friday
Any question please ask