Sylvanian Families School Rare vintage New and boxed Original Tomy

Sylvanian Families School, new and boxed. Rare vintage. TOMY
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2x Desks-4x Chairs-1x Teacher Lecturn-6x School Boock

Plus self adhesive labels for the Blackboard, bulletin board, alphabet frieze, clock face and the classroom poster.

When the lesson are over put all the books back on the shelves.

At the back of the classroom the bulletin board tells the Sylavanian school children all the latest news.

Behind the teacher every pupil can see the Sylvanian school blackboard

and admire the latest poster.

To help the children learn their alphabet, all the letters are displayed on the walls around the classroom.

All the pupils keep their eye on the clock above teacher´s head to see when schooltime is over.

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